Pohutukawa Motorcycle Tours.
Who are we?
Packaged and Custom Motorcycle Tours in Western USA, Western Canada & New Zealand.
Serious Rides for Serious Riders
Over the years, my wife (Lynette) & I have had the opportunity to experience some of the most enjoyable motorcycle riding in the world - in places as diverse as New Zealand, Canada and the Continental USA. Jointly we've clocked up almost a half a million miles, in all sorts of weather, (yes even snow) and through all sorts of terrain. Lynette and I are seasoned riders and understand what makes an exciting motorcycle tour;

One that will give you memories to last a lifetime.

We would like to share this with you.

A Pohutukawa (pronounced "Po who too cah wah") is a tree that grows along the coast of New Zealand. Flowering at Christmas time it is known as the "New Zealand Christmas Tree" and gives the coast a splash of bright red color. It lets you know that summer riding is coming and that it's time to get on the road and enjoy the ride. We feel that this is an important message to take with you. Enjoy the ride!

Here at Pohutukawa Tours we offer a comprehensive set of motorcycle tour packages to suit most motorcyclists' needs.

Whether you are looking for a package deal to take in the regular sights or you have a location and route in mind that you'd like to experience; we have packages that will fulfill your expectations. These include accommodation and sight-seeing along with some of the most exhilarating roads to ride.

With us you can see the sights while also getting off the usual tourist track, allowing you to experience the local flavor, without worrying about your next gas stop, overnight accommodation, or place to eat. This is all arranged for you.

You just need to enjoy the ride and enjoy the experience.
Bike rental is arranged through local companies that are experienced and offer a selection of bikes to fit your needs. All bikes are licensed and verified to meet government standards. 

Airfare is not included; however, we can provide recommendations and links to various airlines that service the geographical areas we service.